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Good things come in small batches. Sample Kahwa’s finest with our exclusive Limited Edition and Signature Series coffees, and you’ll understand why we say great coffee speaks for itself.

Our treasured Reserve Line features microlot beans sourced from specific growers who are experts in their craft. Roasted without blending, our first offering comes from a female-owned microlot in Aponte, Nariño, Colombia, an area with some of the best soil and coffee-growing conditions in the world. 

A unique drying process called the “honey method”—in which the sugary mucilage layer surrounding each coffee cherry is allowed to dry intact, encasing the bean in a sticky amber coating—gives the Columbia Nariño Excelso its nuanced flavors of brown sugar, dark chocolate and cherry, along with hints of tangerine and a nutty finish. We offer it as a lighter roast to fully capture all of these subtle characteristics. This fine coffee is now available for immediate shipment or subscription orders in 8- or 16-oz. packages.

Also available in 12-oz. packages for a limited time, our Signature Series coffee created for Evan Longoria is back by popular demand! This medium-roast coffee is sweet and nutty, with a full-bodied flavor crafted by blending beans from three Central and South American countries. Enjoy it while it lasts, and your purchase will help us to help others. A portion of proceeds from the No. 3, Evan Longoria Blend goes to support Metropolitan Ministries, a Tampa Bay area nonprofit providing food and meals for thousands in our community during the coronavirus crisis.

Shop these unique coffees now and get a taste of Kahwa’s best, delivered to your door. 

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Sirocco, 5 lb.


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Mistral, 5 lb.


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