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Our finest reserve coffee, the Colombia Nariño Excelso

Our finest reserve coffee, the Colombia Nariño Excelso

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This is the first offering in our new Reserve Line of exclusive Limited Edition Coffees. 

This honey processed coffee is from a woman owned microlot in Aponte, Nariño, Colombia. This unique process gives the coffee hints of tangerine with an easy to drink full bodied flavor. Other tasting notes include brown sugar, dark chocolate and cherry with a nutty finish. We offer it as a lighter roast to fully capture all the nuanced flavors.

This coffee is processed using the honey method, where the sugary layer surrounding the seed, called mucilage, is left intact and allowed to dry. Because of its sticky texture and golden amber color, coffee producers began to refer to this method as the "honey process".

 Our finest coffee, now available for immediate shipment. Order yours today, or sign up for our subscription service so you never run out.

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