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Kahwa Drops Three Brand New Drinks

Tampa Bay, FL-

This morning, Kahwa released multiple brand-new iced beverages that are here to stay. The new drinks are Espresso Tonic, Cucumber Cooler, Regular and Specialty Lemonades. These drinks ended up being chosen after multiple taste tests and surveys being performed. Brendan Grant, who had the idea to create all these drinks is excited to see all the of them finally roll out. While he believes all of them taste great, he thinks the Cucumber Cooler is going to be the drink of the summer.

Brendan also gave a description for the new beverages so you have an idea what you're drinking:

Espresso Tonic: Featuring espresso, club soda, simple syrup, and an orange slice for garnish. This drink has a mesmerizing flavor that is perfect for anytime of the day.

Cucumber Cooler: A drink that combines cucumber soda and a hint of strawberry to create a sweet yet refreshing taste.

Lemonade/Specialty Lemonade: 
Take our fresh lemonade and make this summer classic a little more fun with a flavor! Flavors available are Guava, Strawberry and Raspberry.

These will be permanent menu items, so you won't ever have to worry about them going away. Try one... or all of them out starting today. Order online, through the app or find them at any Kahwa location.

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