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Kahwa Releases a Brand-New Artist Canister

Tampa Bay, FL-

Kahwa has just released the third artist canister in the series of coffee cans. These cans are in collaboration with the St. Pete Arts Alliance and proceeds from the canisters go towards the St. Pete Art Endowment.

The previous two canisters featured art from renowned St. Pete artist Chad Mize and contemporary artist Glenyse Thompson. The newest canister features work from Frederick "Rootman" Woods. Frederick "Rootman" Woods is a Florida native who grew up in a small North Florida town called Hampton. He started drawing as a kid and developed his own unique style. The intent of his art is to connect with the viewers soul and hit on a spiritual level.

In regard to the art that is featured on the canister, this is how he describes it:

"This is one of my relationship pieces. One day you decide that the past does not serve you anymore. The frayed rope around the heart represents how long you've been holding onto the pain until you decide to let it go. As you free yourself, you recreate yourself from a new space in your life. You are now a new person. The window is your soul, and the ladder represents the person who wants to know you. Sometimes your window opens to new beginnings, other times, not so much.

When you eventually decide to let someone in, they can see the true you. The balloon represents your higher self, where souls connect and soar on a much higher level."

The canisters can be purchased online or in any of Kahwa's cafes. Once purchased, if you ever need to refill your canister, you can do so for $10 through Kahwa's Refill Program. All you have to do is bring in your empty art canister to any cafe and ask for a refill! It's that simple. Purchase your canister today!

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