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Kahwa Releases their only Artist Canister of 2024.

Tampa Bay, FL- 

Kahwa has just released the first and ONLY artist canister of 2024 in the series of coffee cans in collaboration with the St. Pete Arts Alliance. All of the proceeds from the canisters go towards the St. Pete Art Endowment. The newest canister features the work of renowned artist Ya La’Ford.

Ya La’Ford (born in 1979 in Bronx, NY) is a versatile artist, educator, muralist, and above all, a conduit between the visual realm and the intricate complexities of human communities. Working across a wide range of media including paint, sculpture, installation, video, and sound, she weaves layered meanings to engage with the universal language of art and create transformative experiences that inspire communal growth.

Her artwork has earned a place in the esteemed permanent collections of institutions such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Vinik Family Foundation, Nike, Indy500, Grand Prix, the Rays, Rowdies, and she was selected to create art for Super Bowl 55, held in Tampa. Notable exhibitions featuring her work include the Baker Museum, Tampa Museum of Art, Orlando Museum of Fine Art, Asia Contemporary Art Show, Yeelen Gallery, and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. 

The canisters can be purchased online or in any of Kahwa's cafes. Once purchased, if you ever need to refill your canister, you can do so for $10 through Kahwa's Refill Program. All you have to do is bring in your empty art canister to any cafe and ask for a refill! It's that simple. Purchase your canister today!
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