New Kahwa Rewards App! Download and register to earn 500 free points.

Kahwa Coffee App Is Here!

An ALL NEW Kahwa Coffee app is live! Seven years after initially launching our mobile app, Kahwa Coffee Roasters is so excited to give our app a face lift and all new features! The long-awaited app update allows Kahwa Coffee customers to get new rewards, order ahead and delivery, and they get a free breakfast sandwich just for signing up or updating the app!

Kahwa’s new rewards program is one we think customers are really going to enjoy! Users will earn points for every dollar spent and can redeem those points for rewards of their choice. Some of the rewards include items such as an extra shot of espresso, free handcrafted beverage, and even Kahwa merch! Points earned varies on the status level, with the first level, Boreas, earning 10 points for every dollar spent and the fourth level, Kahwa Reserve, earning 12 points for every dollar spent.

Unlike the previous version of Kahwa’s app, there are now four status levels. Upon signing up, everyone is entered into the Boreas level. Just for signing up or updating and reaching the Boreas level, users are awarded a free breakfast sandwich! When reaching the highest level, Kahwa Reserve, users will get Kahwa Coffee merch just for reaching the level and access to exclusive events.

Order ahead and delivery directly from the Kahwa app is the most exciting feature to come from this app update. Users can browse all menu offerings including muffins, lattes, breakfast sandwiches, iced coffee, and more! Ordering your coffee ahead or delivery is easier than ever! Just select your favorite Kahwa café, browse all menu offerings including muffins, lattes, breakfast sandwiches, iced coffee, and earn rewards at checkout.

For existing Kahwa app users, don’t worry we still have all the previous functions. You are still able to scan and earn rewards in store, however the new app allows users to scan and earn points while using an alternative payment method not stored within the app such as cash or a physical Kahwa gift card. Existing users who were in progress of earning a reward in the old version, those dollars spent have been converted into points in the update.

Digital gift cards can now be purchased, sent, and used within the Kahwa app. Physical Kahwa gift cards cannot be uploaded and used in the Kahwa app, however users are able to scan for points while using that physical gift card to purchase their favorite coffee!

Haven’t downloaded the new Kahwa app yet? Click here to download:

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