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Baking Beans: A Guide to Coffee-Infused Confections

Fire up your oven and get ready to thaw out those winter blahs. We’re bringing coffee from your mug into your mixing bowl with tips on how to bake some amazing infused sweets.


We all know versatile java is a star in the kitchen, and that’s especially true when baking is the task at hand. Many common recipes call for using (gasp!) instant espresso powder to impart flavor—clearly an unappealing option for any passionate coffee drinker. If you wouldn’t want to sip it, you won’t love it in your food.


Instead, use your favorite Kahwa roasted beans or grounds to bring real, luscious coffee essence to all kinds of confections—from cookies and cake pops, to frostings, and beyond.


If a recipe calls for milk or cream, first gently simmer your dairy with whole coffee beans over medium heat, using about a half cup of beans for every 3/4 cup of dairy product. Stir to prevent scalding. Remove your saucepan from the heat after five minutes, and let this mixture sit covered for about 15 minutes more. Yes, it smells amazing, but try not to lift the lid.


After this steeping process, strain out the coffee beans, and voila! You just created mocha magic that can elevate your best cookie recipe into the stratosphere. Use at room temperature.


This exact same process can be applied to melted butter, simmered with whole beans or espresso grounds, to make a heavenly coffee-butter base for your baked goods. If using grounds, run the finished mixture directly through a fine mesh strainer with no filter. Chill the butter until solid and substitute it for regular butter in your cupcake and muffin recipes, or just about anywhere else you please. We love it simply spread on a warm, flaky croissant.


Need more coffee kick? Bring subtle flavor notes forward by layering your ingredients. Use the infused milk and butter together in your batters, doughs, and glazes. Dust the finished products with a mix of powdered sugar and superfine espresso grounds. And then watch your coffee-flavored creations disappear.

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