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Recipe: Espresso Tonic ... Try these refreshing coffee mocktails today!

If you’re ready to try a new Kahwa recipe at home this summer, add some fizz to your life with this tall iced-coffee concoction.


With crisp acidity, a subtly bitter bite, and a flush of sweetness, the simple espresso tonic delivers so much more than the sum of its parts. Prepare yourself for a new seasonal obsession.


For beginners, start by brewing a double shot of Kahwa espresso. As always, using the finest ingredients makes for the finest finished product. If you are a cold brew fan, that can be substituted for espresso, but we happen to enjoy the extra fullness of body that espresso’s natural crema brings to this beverage. In general, fruity coffee notes will all blend well with the tonic in this recipe.


While the brewed coffee rests, fill a large glass with ice and pour a high-quality tonic water almost to the top. Pour your espresso (or cold brew) over the tonic and garnish with a twist of orange or lemon. Pure bubbly bliss!


This basic premise has endless variations. When you’re ready to try a few, consider adding a dash of gingery syrup or orange bitters when you pour the espresso. Fresh herbs like rosemary or mint can also add a lovely bright note.


Rumor has it this energizing tonic was first conceived more than a decade ago in Oslo, Norway, and quickly grew in popularity around the world as a brisk alternative to everyday iced coffee. Stir one up at home and personalize yours for the perfect poolside beverage.

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