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No Milk? No Problem: We’ve Got the Dairy Alternatives

Plant-based, hormone-free, lactose intolerant … Have you noticed that more drinkers are avoiding dairy?

Whether it’s for health or personal reasons (intolerance affects a whopping 75 percent of the world’s population), there’s a trend in cutting back on dairy products that clearly extends into the coffee shop.


Cafe sin Leche? Not everyone wants to drink their coffee straight black. We’re a land of latte lovers, for the most part.


By popular demand, we’ve brought several milk alternatives into Kahwa shops, where baristas can make clouds in your coffee with almond, soy and oat varieties.


The latter is a rising star among the alt-milks (or mylks, if you prefer). Naturally creamy and sweet oat milk has more protein, prebiotics and fiber than other plant-based versions like almond and rice, and is an incredibly rich source of nutrients. Plus ... it’s just so darn delicious.


You can visit your favorite Kahwa location for an oat milk latte -- we are addicted to the iced vanilla version lately!


Or, if you’re brewing Kahwa coffees at home, it’s surprisingly easy to make your own oat milk, and skip the added sugar and phosphates that store-bought versions may carry.

Just combine one cup of pure rolled oats (they’re naturally gluten free) with four cups of water in a high-speed blender, and run those blades at full power for 30-45 seconds. Don’t pre-soak, or the milk can wind up slimy.


Strain the mixture twice through several layers of cheesecloth to pull out the pulp. Separation is normal once your milk settles, so always give it a shake before using.


Well sealed, this oat milk should last for about five days in the fridge, but is likely to disappear into your coffee cup much sooner.



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