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Mucho Matcha: A Powerful Green Tea

Are you keen on the green goodness of a matcha latte? Or maybe you’re curious, but haven’t yet tried this earthy, powdered tea concoction? Well, please allow us to fill your cup.


Made of finely stone-ground green tea leaves, matcha is whisked into a frothy solution with hot water at a ratio of about 1 teaspoon per 1 cup of liquid (depending on taste). The resulting tea can be consumed as-is, or in any number of delectable lattes and drinks.


Unlike brewed tea, which suspends and then removes the tea leaves from water, matcha’s powdered leaves are fully suspended in the brew and ingested. This blends a powerful dose of nutrients, antioxidants, and caffeine into one delicious beverage.


Matcha delivers nearly three times as much caffeine as a cup of regular steeped green tea. But it just so happens that matcha also contains a natural substance called l-theanine, which gently relaxes (don’t worry, it’s non-drowsy). So, all things in balance.


This mean green machine contains nutrients and polyphenols (a.k.a. powerful antioxidants) tied to health benefits such as boosted metabolism, decreased blood pressure, and protection against heart disease and cancer.


Like many other teas, matcha has culinary applications that move beyond the traditional cup. Used in place of regular tea in a classic Arnold Palmer (that’s a layered tea-and-lemonade favorite), matcha adds a crisp, verdant edge that’s wildly refreshing in hot weather.


The green tea powder can also be found on ingredient lists in hundreds of savory and sweet dishes for your table. It really shines in the latter category -- think matcha ice cream, donuts, and cookies. For the breakfast lover, matcha-banana pancakes are marvelous! Try throwing a tablespoon of the powdered tea into your usual scratch pancake recipe and find out.


If you want a quality matcha powder for experiments at home, look for products from Japan that are stone ground, with a lustrous green color, rich vegetative smell, and cornstarch consistency. Avoid mixes that contain added sugar.


Select Kahwa Coffee locations, including those in downtown Tampa and downtown St. Pete, can serve you a luscious green matcha latte, either hot or iced (currently take-out only). For those avoiding dairy, the jade beverage pairs beautifully with alternative milks like oat or coconut. Unsweetened matcha is strong and grassy, so we like to gently sweeten it to bring out nuanced flavors. From time to time, we also offer seasonal specialty drinks, like last year’s divine Honey Peach Matcha Latte. Follow along on social media to find out what we’re serving next!

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