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Kahwa Joins the Too Good to Go App

St. Petersburg, FL-

Kahwa Coffee has joined the Too Good to Go app which helps fight food waste buy offering discounted food for customers.

Too Good to Go originally launched in Europe and has started to gain popularity in the United States with the mission of reducing food waste. The app simple and provides a platform for local restaurants and cafes to sell their excess food instead of it going to waste. Customers then get the opportunity to purchase products at a much lower price than they normally would. Since the businesses aren't sure what they'll have left at the end of the day, the items are sold as "Surprise Bags."

The "Surprise Bags" that Kahwa has can be filled with a variety of pastries ranging from Chocolate Croissants, muffins, and so much more. They are $5.99 but have an $18 value. For right now, only two Kahwa cafes are available on the app to get surprise bags from which makes them very limited and they sell out quick. Download the Too Good to Go app today, make Kahwa a favorite so you know when surprise bags are available, and we hope you get one!

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