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How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh: Airscape Canister

We all know that keeping coffee as fresh as possible at home can sometimes be a struggle. The best tool to keep your coffee as fresh as possible is the Airscape Canister.

The Airscape canister was created by Planetary designs. The idea behind the company began in 1992 while on a backpacking trip in Montana. They decided that there should be no reason why people can't enjoy fresh, amazingly brewed coffee, no matter where they are in the world. The reason why the Airscape is so efficient is because of their patented design.

The Airscape works so well because it removes oxygen from the canister with its lid. There are actually two lids, the inner lid is the plunger that actively removes oxygen, while the top lid is an airtight lid that provides a second layer of freshness protection.

The canister itself is made from food-grade stainless steel and the lids are also BPA free which makes the canister easy to clean. This means it can also store other dry goods such as flour, sugar, tea and other spices. It's durable and has a clean and stylish look which makes it perfect for showing off wherever you are. The Airscape comes in multiple sizes making it easy to store at home, bring to the office, or take on any other adventures.

Purchase your Kahwa Airscape today and enjoy fresh coffee every day for you or any coffee lover you may know!


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