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A Cup of Cheer

Whether you look forward to the holiday season all year, or just look forward to getting through it, there’s nothing like a sweet and fragrant coffee concoction to raise your spirits. 

You can whip up holiday treats to keep everyone feeling warm and fuzzy this winter by mixing a few simple spices and flavorings into your favorite brews at home. Our inspirations here are for single servings—be sure to multiply as needed for all your festive gatherings. 

As usual, the journey begins with great beans. Medium-to-dark roasts like our Sirocco or Mistral blends often work well in this role, as the adding of syrups and other ingredients can have a diluting effect. But if you feel compelled to make new combinations with lighter notes, always follow your taste. The important thing is to make sure it’s all freshly ground and hotly poured. 

Pro tip: Use warm water to pre-rinse each mug to ensure the drink stays cozy. Also, try visiting your local gourmet market to pick out the finest quality syrups and spices for your coffee creation. Almond, cinnamon and chocolate flavors bring in warming notes, while peppermint or citrus will brighten any beverage.

An elegant classic, the Café Viennoise is a simple and oh-so-satisfying place to begin, marrying hot coffee with heavy cream, chocolate syrup, and cinnamon. To make the magic happen, combine one tablespoon each of the cream and chocolate in your toasty mug, and pour in hot coffee while gently stirring. Blend everything into a heavenly mocha swirl, dust with cinnamon, and enjoy.  

From this starting place, the combinations are nearly endless. Replace the chocolate with vanilla syrup. Swap the cinnamon for cardamom or nutmeg. Try a little whipped cream on top? Don’t mind if we do. Dash in a bit of peppermint extract before you hand-whip that cream? Oh, now it’s getting serious.

Eggnog fans can get in on the action, too. Warm an overflowing cup of your favorite ‘nog in a saucepan and stir in 2.5 cups of hot coffee for a crave-worthy mug of holiday cheer. Once again, don’t skimp on the whipped cream!

Sip, smile, rinse, repeat. Happy holidays, indeed.

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